Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Freebie! Diamond Necklace Mother's Day Giveaway from DRZ Jewlelers!!!!!


I'm super busy today cranking out cupcakes for clients, for teachers and for my little man's caterpillar party tomorrow, but I must let you all in on a great giveaway that is going on.

Today's Friday Freebie is being held by a partner and client of mine.  DRZ Jewelers and Quintessential Consulting have partnered up to do a Mother's Day Giveaway

If you love diamonds, this is definitely for you - and who doesn't love diamonds?  I worked with Naleli Askew of Quintessential Consulting and DRZ Jewelers last year for their Baubles and Bubbles event and wanted to make sure that my readers got in on the giveaway action!  Plus I promised Naleli I'd blog about it ;)

DRZ Jewelers is located in Washington DC and they have the most unique bling'd out pieces I've ever seen.  In fact I'll be going there today to drop off some delicious Mimosa cupcakes!  If you live in the DC area or are ever in town, please stop by DRZ Jewelers to check out their beautiful jewelry.  If you're not sure what to look for in quality, contact Naleli - she has worked in the jewelry industry for over ten years and has a keen eye for quality and style!

Click here for more details on the Mother's Day Giveaway!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Caterpillar, Super Hero & ANOTHER The Princess and The Frog Party Sneak Peek

May is going to be a busy month for me.  So let me apologize in advance if I fall behind with my posts.  Next month, I have three parties to host!  The first party is for my baby boy, who will be two!  He's a little greedy monster and always wants to eat!  So, I am going to do my own take on The Very Hungry Caterpillar and I've planned a caterpillar party for him.  Since he's only two we're going to do a small party for him with just our family and one or two close friends.  I've decided to do some finger painting as an activity, read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and let them go bezerk on the moon bounce and in the back yard.  The food will be hot dogs, popcorn, fruit and cupcakes (of course). 

The invites went out earlier this week - here's a sneak peak!

The week after The Caterpillar party is The Superman themed party I told you about.  The invitations were passed out to the birthday boy last week to his classmates.  I got word that everyone is 'super' excited!  Ha-Ha!  I created two invitations for his party - one was a design I made on my own with an adorable super hero kid and then the one below.  Mom thought the one we chose worked best for what the birthday boy would like.  Taking a cue from my blog pal, Monique over at Enchanted Expectations, I used an image from Microsoft clip art's gallery and added the wording for the party and a cute cover and band for the invite.  I think it turned out SUPER (tee-hee)!

Check out the invitations for his party:

Lastly here is another invitation that was sent yesterday for another The Princess and The Frog party that I'm hosting.  It's a jazzed up version of the one I did for The Mini Diva's party earlier this month!  It's posted on deep purple shimmer paper and you can't really see it but the heart is a glitter gel sticker.  SO CUTE!!!!

I can't wait to show you the pictures from all of these parties!!!!  In the meantime, have a great weekend!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tip Tuesday: The Re-Purposed Edition!

In honor of Earth Day (April 22) I thought it would be a good idea to write some ideas on how to repurpose items we generally throw out.  These ideas can be used to add small details to a party for a variety of occasions.

I love to keep empty jars of spaghetti sauce, I like to purchase the ones that are mason jars.  Here, a mason jar is filled with sand and hung from a tree branch.  This is perfect for a backyard bbq, an outdoor southern style or beach wedding.

Here is a cereal box converted into a tote bag.  My daughter received a gift for her birthday in a bag made with this idea in mind and I didn't know it was a cereal box until the mom who had made it told me.  These could also be used as favor bags or take home boxes.  Here is a tutorial on how to make your own.

Aside from Mason Jars, I also hold on to tin cans because you can do so much with them.  I like this idea of using tin cans as a vase to hold flowers.  This is a charming and rustic detail for a garden style tea party.

I love using old photo frames and doing something different with them.  Here's an old frame I used as a platter to hold dessert I made for an event.

Another option: this photo frame serves as a beverage tray to hold cocktails.

Try creating a fabric banner for your next party out of old baby clothes.  This idea would work great for a milestone birthday for your child.  When your party is over you have a memorable keepsake!


You can incorporate old game pieces into party decor.  Here is a fun idea for a kid's polka dot themed's a Twister game mat!

Aside from repurposing items, you can help the planet by using green party supplies.  Here is one site I found that sells party supplies that are either recyled, organic, biodegradeable or reusable.  You could even host a green party where everything is either reused or recycled.

Whatever way we can, we should try our best to reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose items we generally toss in order to help Mother Earth.  Doing small things like this is one way that we give our children a chance to enjoy her beauty as much as we did.  Repurpsosing these items for parties may not be the most conventional way to 'save the planet' but it is a way and that's the most anyone can ask for.

(Photo sources are linked above.)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cupcake Monday: Mimosa Cupcakes and a Delicious Strawberry Topped Anniversary Cake

I've been a busy gal over the weekend.  I was asked by a friend to make Mimosa cupcakes for her Big Hat Brunch.  If you recall, I made chocolate cupcakes for her last year in the form of hats.  So this year, another brunch led to another brunch inspired cupcake.  I never heard of a Mimosa cupcake until she asked, but thought - cupcakes and cocktails - you can't go wrong. 

I looked online for a few recipes, and some of them really looked good, but most seemed involved and honestly for a drink that is so simple to make, I thought that the cupcake should be just as easy.  Eventually, I ended up using a recipe that I have orange buttermilk cupcakes and altered it by adding champagne to make it a Mimosa cupcake.  Can I just say....HELLO!!!!!

Here are the cupcakes packed away - they were put into gift boxes for the guests to take as favors.  You can't really see it in the pictures, but there is a champagne syrup drizzled onto the frosting.....cupcake heaven.

Here are the gift boxes I mentioned; I think this is such a cute idea!

I received another request last week to do a cake for an anniversary.  I normally try and stick to cupcakes but, I do make cakes.  The client wanted my Triple Vanilla Cake for her sister's wedding anniversary.  She requested that it have red and green colors and strawberries all around.  I was worried about the request initially because it made me think about Christmas and I also couldn't figure out how to make the strawberries work into it.  I mean I think of anniversary cakes and silver, pearl and gold come to mind, but after doing some research it seems that it's common to have red and green anniversary cakes.  I was told that red was for love and green was for propsperity - who knew?!!!  In any case, I was happy to take on the challenge and figure out a way to give my client what she asked for.

Here's the finished product:

My client said her sister absolutely loved the cake and ate all the strawberries first.  To be honest, I think I would have done exactly the same thing!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Princess and The Frog Party Photos

Here are more pictures from the party.  I am having some camera trouble (I'm in such dire need for a new one) so sorry if they don't look very clear.  Also, I'm doing something I said I wouldn't do and you probably won't see it often, but I included pictures with The Little Mini Diva.  I mean, it is her party after all :)

My PD&P inspired door sign welcoming guests to party

Tissue paper poms blowing in the wind!

I decorated the frame to our canopy gazebo with sheer fabric, tissue paper poms and large flowers and butterflies. 

Party Table before we set it with party hats and tableware.

Sweet Shoppe candy buffet and birthday banner.

Guests filled their bags with sugary sweets!

My daughter had her own personal cake.  I decorated it with fondant, buttercream and purple luster.  The cake toppers were ordered online and I found that number five candle at The Christmas Tree Shops.  I also did the cupcakes as weel. They are decorated with lily pads and the cupcake toppers were ordered online.

I don't think it turned out so bad - it was my first attempt at fondant.

Lily pad cupcakes.

I made a crown for my daughter to wear - you can learn how to make your own here.

Girls got to choose their own tutus for dress up time at 'Eudora's Dress Shop'

The Birthday Girl got her own princess costume and crown.

I hung up mini poms from the chandelier.  I came up with the idea because I had left over tissue paper from my big poms.

I found these garden stakes at The Christmas Tree shops!  Good buys!

I found this seat cushion at Ikea about a month ago and decided it would make a perfect decoration for the Birthday Girl chair. 

We gave away 3 frog themed filled bags for winners of our games.  Kids who didn't win a big prize got consolation prizes.

The girls went home with these satin princess handbag party favors filled with hair accessories, lip gloss rings, glitter pencils, candy necklaces and princess stamp rings.

My mother designed this poster for our "Pin the Kiss on the Frog" game.  She designed it and then printed it on my home printer - I don't know how, but good job mom!

All the kids lined up to play a fun game.....where everyone won a prize.  We also played 'Facilier Says' and had a trivia game where the kids answered questions about the movie to win a prize.

All the girls decorated their own princess crowns for the crafts activity.

After the games and activities, the kids were surprised with a special guest.....

Princess Tiana!!!!!

She read The Princess and The Frog story to the guests and took pictures. 

After the party, Princess Nikki opened all her gifts, but I think this one was her favorite.....

Believe it or not - there are more great pictures.  I'll post those at a later date.

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