Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Star Wars Party Recap

Here are some photos from a party I planned and styled for a great client of mine.  Her son was turning six and wanted a Star Wars themed splash party.   I'm not a big Star Wars fan and apparently there is a difference between the Star Wars that I grew up with compared to the one the birthday boy knows.  So, I blended both and came up with a galactic good time to be had by all!


For this party, I was able to get a hold of some really awesome Star Wars toys to use as props (including a Millenium Falcon and talking Storm Trooper Helmet).


I found a tutorial on making light sabers out of pool noodles (perfect for a splash party - it was painstakingly time consuming with making each one unique - I do this because I'm insane).

I was also inspired by this t-shirt for the invitations (I have an actual photo of the invitations - but can't find it - so here's the graphic image - if I come across the actual picture I'll add it to this post later).  I again made the invitation using Power Point and dare I say, Photoshop!  I made the silohuettes of the characters using Photoshop and the light sabers were made using PowerPoint.  I took the idea of the crawl that is used in the movies and with Word Art made it appear to have the same effect on the invitation.  The insert was placed in a black holder so as the guests read the invitation it looked like it was actually moving.....if you can picture that.

Invitation Graphic

Here are the other photos from the party:
  SW_Banner_1 SW_Banner_2  Light_sabre_Pool_Noodles_4 SW_Cupcakes_CloseupSW_Cupcakes





SW_Party_Favors_2SW_Birthday_Boy_Hat SW_Party_Hats SW_Party_Hats_2   SW_TableScape_3

Some other cool things I did was used images of the galaxy that I found online as background for some of my small circle embelishments. I also found Star Wars Clone Wars kites and gave those to the guests along with the light saber pool noodles.

This was a really fun party to plan - and it was great combining the Star Wars of today with the Star Wars of my day (circa the late 70's). 

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