Thursday, July 22, 2010

Buttercream Sugar Cookie Sandwiches

I wanted this post to go out on Monday, but I got sidetracked, so I'm doing Cupcake Monday today!

I made these with the help of four little hands over the weekend.

Four little hands were needed because four little hands kept finding ways of geting themselves into things they shouldn't have.  So, I decided the best way to keep those four little hands from doing more damage was to put them to work and help me get my sweet treat ready for my Monday post.  However, the way my day was going on Sunday I knew that my Cupcake Monday idea was shot.  I figured the kids could have fun with another baking project.  Cookies!

My daughter thought it would be 'So yummy' if we made sugar cookies and  made them into sandwiches!  What a creative little sugar sprite she is!

You know I'm a cake box snob - but when it comes to cookies I could care less.  When it comes to cookies I really only like Chocolate Chip and Oreos (more on that next week).  That being said, I pulled out a pack of Betty Crocker Cookie Mix and the necessary ingredients and we got to work.

It was nice to do something apart from cupcakes....especially because the kids were bored and it gave them something to do.

Now somewhere between this....

and this....

....someone hit someone with something, a fight ensued, disciplinary action was given, a tantrum EVOLVED, two naps were taken, a load of laundry was put in the wash, dinner was prepared & eaten, a kitchen was cleaned, baths were taken, bodies were tucked into bed, laundry was folded....and mommy decorated the cookies the following morning so my little hellions could bring their grandma the delicious treats they made the day before.


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