Wednesday, July 21, 2010

31 Days to Build a Better Blog

I love blogging, never thought I would - I barely know what I'm doing most of the time - other than rambling on about the ongoings of my parties and craziness.  Regardless, I truly enjoy writing posts and telling folks all about party related topics that get me all excited. 

At the begining of the year I made an intention to post more often and offer more substantial content.  In an effort to really push this blog baby through and make something more of it, I've gotten involved with a fun and exciting online workshop with SITS and PROBLOGGER to make this here blog mo' betta'.  Granted I got started three days late, no thanks to Verizon online and their naughty hijinx, it's already given me the swift kick in the arse that I need to make some awesome changes to my blog.

If you're a blogger, want to start one or you're just getting started and want to make improvements to your own blog, why not check it out

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