Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cupcake Giveaway Extended - 'Lemme 'Splain'

So, here's the deal.  I originally posted the rules of the contest saying it would end on March 1 and announced on March 3rd with the next 'Friday Freebie post'.  Well, I screwed up and clearly, despite all my college education and street smarts,  and as a result of mommy brain, I simply don't know how to read a calendar. 

My intention was that the contest would end today (March 3) and a winner would be announced with this Friday's post (March 5).  In case I confused anyone, I am extending the contest for one more day.  Same ways to enter still apply but the dates have changed.  You now have until tomorrow (Thursday) to still enter by 11:59 PM.

Sorry for the mix-up.

Good Luck!

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