Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Party Featured on The Creative Party Place!

Out of the blue and totally by surprise I received an email yesterday from Shannon over at The Creative Party Place letting me know that for the second time one of my parties was featured on there! My Thomas the Train party from back in September was featured on the site for ‘Parties That Move’. What exciting news to hear on hump day. If you haven’t been to The Creative Party Place yet, please check it out. The site has loads of ideas for any party you can imagine. I really appreciate the work that Shannon’s puts into the site; it’s really top notch and well organized. I think it’s great that she’s given us creative geniuses who love to entertain a place to share our passion and display our talents and inspire others.

Speaking of inspiration, I told you about the cupcake cake I did for a Christmas Eve gathering (by the way, this was for an old friend of mine and she said the cupcakes were a hit…patting myself on the back). When I was dropping the cupcake cake off she mentioned that she set up her decorations and tables because she liked the ideas on my blog. I thought how fun! So, she took some pictures and allowed me to share!
Here she printed out a menu and framed it.  She had small gift bags for her guests to take home with her.

When I arrived she hadn't laid out the complete spread on her table but it looks like it got off to a great start!

Then there is the Red Velvet Cupcake Cake!

It's always so nice to be able to share ideas and inspire others.  I'll continue to do that throughout the year and am so excited about what is coming up in the future! 
On another note, I just want to mention the devastation facing the Haitian people now.  It's very tragic and a few of my dear friends have already lost loved ones.  I believe as human beings we all have a sense of compassion and I am just helping to spread the love and asking that you text the word “Haiti” to 90-999 to donate $10 dollars to the American Red Cross relief effort.  The cost goes directly to your phone bill.

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