Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Invitations Are in the Mail!

Last night I finished  the invitations for my kids' Where the Wild Things Are themed Halloween party.  I made the invitation months ago without a real idea about how to tie it in to a Halloween party.  Well I kicked myself in the butt when I realized that nothing about my invite other than the monster on it really hinted towards Halloween.  So, instead of beating myself up ore creating a new invitation (I really like what I already made), I decided I'd make the envelopes for the party more Halloweeny and would work from there. 

As I finished up the invitations, I could feel the insanity in my brain starting to brew.  The creativity just started to come so I wrote down a(nother) list for of ideas for the party.  I decided the color scheme will be a basic orange, black and green.  The food is going to be regular fun food that kids love and they'll have creepy names like 'Monster Fingers' for Chicken Fries, 'Gooey-Goo Bites' for mini Quesadillas and cupcakes of course!  I'll be making tiny boats, like Max's, for name cards and something the kids can take home.  There will be lots of leaves, vines and big tissue paper flowers to set the scene. 

I'm sure my brilliant mind will come up with some more 'wild' creations and you know that I can't wait to share them with you on my next post!

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