Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Allowing the Universe to Do Its Magic by Working Smart!

Ya know, I admit I just can't do it all sometimes. I mean, the Martha in me (we both have the same bday, btw - crazy) wants to put my creative hand into every single detail of all my parties and events. I 'm a touch insane when it comes to nitty-ditty details, I truly am.

Recently, I've decided to do a lot of self development and exploration in the unlimited abundance that the universe provides me. My good friend calls it the emotional work or peeling the onion. In this process I realized that, I'm a bit anal about my work and craft and maybe, I could sit up all night making cupcake sleeves using craft paper and a border punch, it's not so hard to do. I mean I enjoy it, but I lose sleep and apparently transform into 'Meanie Mommy'. I don't really like that term and I can only imagine what I look like to my poor kids and husband - but when it's all said and done I can just be a bear to deal with. In my personal development, I've learned that it really isn't such a bad idea to just let go and work smart.

I'd like to touch back on yesterday's post in regard to the car cupcake picture with the speedway wrapper from I went back to that site today, and I just have to say that the smart ladies who thought of this idea are just brilliant in my mind! I love cupcakes and I love fun cupcakes and these cupcake sleeves are great for just about any and every occassion.

Just take a look at some of the fun cupcakes they make:

Aren't those fun? Just love that I now have an option when I don't want to stay up all night transforming into 'Meanie Mommy'. There is enough out there for all of us to utilize each other's creativity. I'm sure we creative crazies could replicate this idea into our own, but why do all the extra work when it's already been done for you? They definitely have a customer in me!


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