Thursday, July 9, 2009

First Birthdays!

Yesterday my daughter came to me and made a request for yet another, item on her Princess Party wish list for her birthday. After her request I reminded her that her birthday isn't until April and she will have to wait a long time for a lot of the 'really fun' things she wants for her party. I did tell her though, that it would not be a problem to make 'beautiful pink cupcakes with strawberries' in the very near future. So, this weekend, that is what I and the Mini Diva will be baking in the lab. Be sure to check back next week to see how that went.

Since both of my children have already celebrated their birthdays this year (the Mini Diva turned 4 and my son is 1), I thought I would share with you some of the fun I had decorating for both of their first birthdays.

I think the most favorite part of my daughter's 'Baby Diva' themed 1st birthday party was the adorable hot pink high chair swag and pink carpet that we rolled out just for her. At the time, she was just barely walking, but as Divas do, she sat plopped on her 'thrown' and munched on hors d’ oeurves the whole time. She ate it up (the attention - well, and the food too).

Here's a picture of the Diva in her high chair - swag and all:

I took a different approach for my son. It was around the time of his birthday when I decided I'd start my CWBD business. I was loving all the inspiration I was seeing on all the different blogs. Coming off the heels of my daughter's Dinosaur party I knew I didn't want a 'theme' for him, so I just kind of went with some fun neutral colors. I chose red, white & baby blue for the decorations I threw in some fun polka dot dangles, streamers and red balloons. A small gathering with just family were on the guest list with some light finger foods and cupcakes! It was perfect. Check out his spread:

Looking back at these pictures I am excited about what I did and what more I plan to do with my creativity. Above any party I do, the parties for my kids are by far the most fun and rewarding. A friend once told me that she thought I really threw the parties for myself, and the kids just get to participate. That is partly true. Either way, I say, thank God for my kids. They give me inspiration to create, imagine and make-believe. Without them, I wouldn't be able to begin to do what I love - and moreover have fun doing it with them and for them.

Here are a few more pictures from the kids'First Birthdays.

My 1st circle birthday banner - part of it, at least

Here is the other part of the banner with my son's name

Yummy cupcakes!

Birthday Diva's tablescape

Lots of fun pink & purple to go around

Take note of the hot pink carpet - fit for a true Mini Diva

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